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  • 35 years of experience packed into one powerful program
  • 7 weeks of intense training through concepts, drills, exercises, and hands-on activities
  • 142 activities to be completed in 7 weeks that will guarantee you results
  • Geared towards professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders
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What Genius Professionals Have To Say

Clear, 100% practical and applicable, and includes options as well as advice on how to apply to achieve best results. Worth twice the price.
Matthew Meyer
Project Manager
Mind boggling and life-changing course! Absolutely a vital skill to be mastered (speed reading) now thanks to this special course this is possible. Massive Thanks to the author - Howard S Berg - The fastest reader in the world!
Nico Leban
Life Coach
I like that he presents this step by step in a friendly coherent manner. Howard is an excellent coach and seems to really understand how the process feels for his students.
Romy Yanagisawa
This course is so informative. I just want to say thanks to Howard!. This course actually worked for me. I am so grateful. The course was well worth the money. Going from months to reading a book in just 2 to 3 hours. Thank you again. This was awesome. I still give this course 5 stars because I never thought that this would be possible for me to do, and I proved myself wrong. Not that big of a deal to me but for those who are looking to be taught this way pay attention to the note. Hey, since the info I got from this was very valuable and I got all that I wanted and more. This course would have 6 stars. All I got to say is I am satisfied with what's provided.
William Mitchell
All through high school, I was a middle of the road C+/B- student. Not because I was a bad student, I always tried my best but always struggled. I was never taught the techniques that Howard teaches. As a result, I often did poorly on tests in school, and I thought there was just something wrong with me. I'm now in my early 30's and decided there must be a way to read faster and learn more efficiently. This course was exactly what I needed. What I really enjoyed most was how quickly you see results, I could see that what I was learning was working instantly and even in my day to day life. Already I'm flying through my morning news articles and having a stronger understanding of what's being discussed, and I'm enjoying getting back into books again. Now I have a stronger grasp of the topics I'm learning.
Cameron Gray
Australian artist
I like the way the course is set up. Howard explains how reading is misunderstood and corrected my vocalization problem. I have a few videos left to go but have already tripled my speed to 600 wpm with good comprehension.
Mark Parrish
Software Developer
Totally loved it! It does take work and practice to increase your speed; however, I do read faster now and am able to complete a book weekly if not every several days. This has been a great help! Thank you!
Nav Gupta
Business Owner
Following these instructions is simple. The results I am getting are exactly what the instructor says I will get. I highly recommend this training course.
Eddie Sand
Digital Marketer
Awesome Course. Why Listen to Howard Stephen Berg? He is the Guinness World Record Holder, and you will not get a better mentor or guide for doing this and learning from the best. Provided you see videos twice make notes on EverNote.Follow word to word what he is saying. Practice the16-minute drill. Howard can make your dreams come true if you are going for an exam. Provided you practice 16 mins daily. He will build your confidence. I was crying while studying until I did this course where Howard says it's 10% reading 90% reviewing. He is a gem of a person. I would highly recommend this course. Initially, 16 min drill is taxing on your mind, but the third time it will feel better. Must for anyone planning to give an exam. Practice is a must.
Amrita Singh
It's a unique course and proud to be learning from the World's fastest reader. If you want to become a master, then you have to learn from the master. I am a regular reader, and I took some courses for speed reading by others based on rating's but this one is AWESOME and number one, my goal is to read 3 books a day, and I am already started to read whole one book in one day, and this is my 28 days, I did not rate this course before because I wanted to see result's 1st. Just do consistently drills and you will be amazed. The Course is more worth it than the asking price on this website. The more you learn and the more you earn " Warren buffet" the brilliant magnate investor in this 21st century on this planet.
Nawa The Rock
Keep Guessing
Very good content. The content is unique compared with other speedreading courses. I think for some of the techniques you need talents which I don't have. In the end, I think everyone will like Howard and 5 stars are a must. If you are willing to invest some time in speedreading you should watch this course.
Frank Siebers
Very good content. A lot of techniques, and most importantly, you are required to take action throughout the lessons, which makes it very practical. Very clear and well presented, explanations are limpid. Not too much stuff, no fluff, but each lesson is long enough to go deep on its topic. I really appreciate the "interactive" doing parts, where you Howard tells you to apply immediately what he's talked about, and he's timing you while you do it.
Experimental Artist
Wonderful course. I felt that he was there with me the whole time. Very nice pace. Amazing info with actionable steps. Love it.
Aleno Oliveira
Tax Attorney

What This Professional Program Will Do For You

This proven system will transform you – that is my assurance

The course is not just a speed reading program but a system designed to help you succeed in life. Most people are not the best version of themselves right now. Not even close, and that is what I am going to change.

Yes, I know that you have tried to speed read before, tried many courses and programs, read many books on how to speed read and nothing has worked so far.
So why should this program work for you?

Well, I have been teaching people speed reading techniques for the past 35 years.
I know first-hand the unique issues people have, and over the years, I have perfected this program to come up with solutions to cater to those individual needs, that is why you will notice multiple techniques that are unique to your reading style.
I am so confident that you are going to attain your speed reading goals that I am willing to give you a 100% refund of your investment if you are not satisfied with the program.

I will guide you for the next 7 weeks and make sure you get rid of your old habits and anything that is slowing you down.
I will show you the psychology behind reading and why you are reading slow in the first place, and once you understand the psychology of reading, I will show you the mechanics of speed reading, and then when you put together the mechanics and psychology of speed reading miracles begin to happen.

I was not born the world’s fastest reader. I had to spend not days or weeks but years in perfecting this skill. I have spent countless hours perfecting all the techniques and developing new methods until they actually work for any type of reader. You have it easy because I am packaging all my years of experience into this 7-week program
Over the next 7 weeks, you will learn these powerful techniques by

  • Doing over 142 hands-on activities
  • Watching and comprehending 32 skill and technique videos
  • Practicing daily speed up drills
  • Completing multiple skill-based reading exercises
  • Altering your preconceived reading patterns

The issue with majority of the programs is they generalize a slow reader and then give them a set process to read faster and the major issue with solving the problem in this manner is that we read slowly due to different reasons and the solution is unique for each of us, but these programs provide a general solution which most of the time does not work.

You will be transformed into a speed reading genius and material that took you days to finish will now be completed in hours.
You can even put this promise to the test as soon as you have completed the program and return it if it has not done what I said it would do.

My wish is for you to unleash your real potential and be the true genius you were born to be. You will notice a change in your reading patterns throughout your journey in this course, and by the last day, you will be amazed by the transformation and wonder why you read so slow, to begin with.

The return on investment you get by taking this course is priceless because reading faster is such a sought after skill that can open several doors for you that were closed before. I am so confident of the value that this course provides that I am giving you a 100% money back guarantee of your initial investment if you are dissatisfied with your results for any reason. My support team will not ask any questions and your refund will be processed immediately.

For a limited time, you will also receive an additional bonus workbook worth $97 and a bonus memory skills video worth $127 and bonus videos worth $397 FREE of cost and get a value assessment at the end of the course.

So what are you waiting for? Wonderful things in life await you.


Howard Berg

Learn how to ...

read 319% faster

Forget all that you know about how to read because this time tested program will change everything for you. We are so confident the program works, and we guarantee results else you get your money back.

improve comprehension

Reading fast without any comprehension is a waste of time. This program not only enhances your reading speed but also improves your comprehension of the material you are reading at a very high rate.


Focus is essential when speed reading. With a wandering mind reading at high speeds becomes a challenge. Techniques such as immersive reading improve concentration and create the states that are required for speed reading and comprehension.


Sub-vocalization is essential for comprehension. It cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced. This course shows you various techniques that you can use to accomplish that. 


Schema is powerful, and it is one of the essential concepts in speed reading. Schema can be used to decipher text patterns to increase comprehension when speed reading. 


Reading immersively is an acquired skill. It takes practice, and if done correctly it transforms the way you learn while reading at high speeds. There are practical examples that show you the process and walk you through the steps needed to read immersively.

Program Information

Howard Berg’s Speed Reading Genius – Professional Edition is an advanced training system specifically designed for the busy professional. You will be actively involved in the program the entire time. Drills, exercises and techniques will ensure that you get amazing results.

Course Features

  • High definition video with the latest program material. It can be viewed on any device based on your convenience.
  • You can pause and resume from where you left off, and the system keeps track of your progress.
  • Practice drills, exercises, and techniques to get better instantly.
  • Two activity books with over 142 activities to make sure you get results.
  • Expert support to assist you if you have any doubts or questions.
  • A community forum where you can get to know fellow genius learners.
  • Access to all future versions of the course as we keep updating regularly.
  • USB pen drive with all course material in case you need a copy of the program
  • Completion certificate after taking the test that is at the end of the program

Speed Reading Program Mind-Map (High level)

Program Outline

High quality video and audio lessons

Exercises, speed up drills and activity book included

Activities and drills on each day to enhance skills

Advanced learning platform to deliver the content

Completion certificate after entire course is completed

A support team that is eager to answer any questions you may have

7 Week Intense Training Schedule

Starting With The Basics Of Speed Reading

  • In week 1, we warm you up so that you are ready for some heavy lifting in the following weeks.
  • We begin by measuring your current reading speed so that we have a benchmark to compare when you read at much higher rates.
  • Using a unique technique that adheres to Newton's law, we set goals based on your actions and reactions.
  • Increase your reading speed instantly by familiarizing yourself with Dolch and Fry's list of sight words.
  • Targetted high-frequency recurring words will help you boost your vocabulary in one short session.
  • You will see results in week 1 by just completing the basics. There is a lot more in store for you in week 2.

Getting A Strong Foundation By Learning The Fundamentals

  • Until today you have been reading subconsciously, but in week 2 that is going to change.
  • Using metacognition, Howard will show you the actual mechanism of reading and how to transform it.
  • Schema is the secret that makes reading at high speeds possible, and you will become proficient in it by doing a couple of exercises.
  • Levels of learning bring a whole new dimension to the learning process. You now start to think in new ways.
  • Inflection patterns are quintessential for deciphering text and increasing understanding.
  • Now that your foundation is firm, we can build upon it with advanced topics in week 3.

Reading Faster With Better Comprehension

  • You start to lose comprehension as soon as you start reading more quickly. In week 3, we correct that.
  • Bringing a book to life and living in that world is a valuable skill that you will learn.
  • You now know what schema is. We go a step further and show you how to extract it from the text that you read.
  • When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. That is why the perspective skill is so important.
  • Subvocalization prevents you from reading at high speeds. Using the techniques, Howard shows, you will be able to reduce it.
  • Now that you have mastered comprehension, we move on to the mechanics of speed reading.

Learning The Mechanics Of Speed Reading

  • There is more to speed reading than just reading with the eyes. Let us uncover the techniques in week 4.
  • If the hand leads the eyes will follow, and that is why hand motions are so crucial when it comes to increasing reading speed.
  • Reading speed is relative, and using this relativity, we practice the 16-minute drill to get magical results.
  • We previously learned how to decipher schema, and now we will use schema to read faster.
  • Some languages are written backwards, and similarly, it is possible to read backwards. Howard will show you how it's done.
  • Now that you have cemented down the mechanics, we will focus on advanced comprehension techniques in the next week.

Mastering Advanced Comprehension Techniques

  • Reading fast without comprehension is a waste of your time. That is why we need to fix that issue in week 5.
  • SR2Q is a very powerful technique that Howard developed over the years, and you are going to practice it until you master it.
  • Unconscious competence is where we need to get to read at high speed. Howard gives us techniques to accomplish that.
  • Comprehending charts, diagrams, and images when reading requires a different set of skills which we will attain.
  • Difficult material can be reframed to make it understandable. We do a couple of activities to understand this concept.
  • Now that we are adept at comprehension, we move onto learning strategies in the next week.

Discussing Multiple Exam, Studying And Learning Strategies

  • Reading and learning are two sides of the same coin. We have discussed reading, and now we will cover learning in this week.
  • Learning new material quickly requires strategies that work, and that is precisely what Howard gives you.
  • Studying for exams is no longer stressful. You will learn techniques that will make it a breeze.
  • Finishing college in half the time is possible and practical once you know these tricks.
  • Emotional intelligence is more valuable than IQ. Howard will give you practical advice to boost your EQ.
  • With these numerous strategies that you have learned, you are ready to succeed. Let us move to the last week of this program.

Focusing On Memory And Remembering What You Read

  • In the final week, we focus mainly on memory and how to retain more of what we read.
  • Different types of material require different reading methods. Those methods are discussed this week.
  • You will learn how to make your custom index cards and how to use them to remember anything.
  • Using mnemonics to remember large amounts of information is possible, and Howard will show you techniques to accomplish this.
  • We calculate your final reading speed at the end of the week, and we are sure you will be amazed by your accomplishment !!!

Enroll Now & Get 5 FREE Bonus Features

Bonus Training Video 1:

Extracting Schema

Discover a whole new way of speed reading when you uncover the secret of extracting the schema from what you are reading. Once you master this skill, reading at high speeds becomes so much easier. You have plenty of drills in your activity book that will make sure you are proficient in this skill.

Bonus Training Video 2:

Re-framing Information

Transform the way you make meaning of what you read by linking it to threads you already know. Threads are streams of thought that you obtained by reading other material.

Bonus Training Video 3:

Reducing Subvocalization

Re-framing Transforms the way you make meaning of what you read by linking it to threads you already know. Threads are streams of thought that you obtained by understanding how something works in the real world. In re-framing, you connect that thread to something you are trying to learn, and that makes the entire learning process simple.

Bonus Training Video 4:

SR2Q Technique

A revolutionary technique that will change the way you read anything. You will no longer read linearly. This technique shows you how to alter your reading process to absorb all the information in the shortest time. SR2Q is a technique that was developed by Howard to attain the highest comprehension in the shortest amount of time.

Bonus Activity Book:

Only Available With The Professional Edition

This bonus activity book is only available with the professional version of this course and not included with the student version.
There are many activities in this workbook that are designed for professionals to build upon the skills they have already attained in the activity book.

Only Digital Access

Get unlimited access to the entire program for all devices: Windows, iOs, Android, Desktop and Tablet



Limited-time offer

Digital Access + USB Drive + Completion Certificate ​

Get unlimited access to the entire program for all devices: Windows, iOs, Android, Desktop and Tablet + Entire course on a USB Drive shipped to you + Completion Certificate after you take the exam at the end of the program.



Limited-time offer

For your security, all orders are processed on a
secured server. 256 bit SSL encryption.

You're Protected By BergLearning's Unconditional 30-Day Guarantee

The main reason you are taking the program is to see results, and we guarantee results. For any reason, if you are not satisfied, you can contact our support team and request a full refund within the first 30 days. The refund will be processed on the same day, and you will receive it instantly.

We also provide an industry standard 128 bit SSL for your security. Let us know if you have any further questions and we will be glad to answer them.

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray
Customer Success Manager

Why Berg Learning ?

Berg Learning courses are the product of 35 years of innovation and improvement in the field of education and accelerated learning. All the courses adhere to our stringent standards of learning material and have been developed primarily by Howard Berg and critiqued by leading experts in the field of learning.

 We have left no stone unturned when it comes to the latest learning techniques, and we promise that these learning courses will transform you into a learning genius and change your life. We are so confident of our learning courses that we back it up with a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our students, so we are here to answer any questions that you may have before and after you buy any of our learning courses.

We have partnered with the state of the art online course delivery platform kajabi so that you have an immersive learning experience. All our courses are recorded in a professional studio with high definition audio and video. These courses play on any operating system and on any device you may have. We even have an IT team that will get back to you within 24 hours to resolve any technical issues you may have and as we mentioned it is a worry-free buying experience as we have a 30-day no commitment return policy.


We are confident that our courses will not only meet but exceed your expectations that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee of 100% of your investment. If you purchased a USB then it has to be returned for us to process the refund.


You can complete the courses at your own pace as you have unlimited time to complete them. However, we strongly encourage you to follow the schedule we have provided to have an ultimate learning experience.


You can contact our support team at any point in time, and someone from our support team will assist you within 24 hours. Support is available even on weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll and your payment is approved, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. The email will have detailed information about how to login along with your login credentials. Please check your junk folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

Once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access and that way you can come back to the course from time to time and brush up on specific lessons and techniques as needed.
You will also have access to all future updates and material that is released, and we release updates every couple of months.

The course content can be viewed on any operating system and on any device you have (laptop, tablet or mobile device).

You will have lifetime access to the course, and you can repeat any lesson or the whole course any number of times.
I advise you to repeat the course using my spaced repetition algorithm. That way, you will have all the techniques at your fingertips and know all the material.

It is common that you might have questions or doubts when going through the course material. When that happens, get in touch with our support team, and they will be glad to assist you and you will get a reply within 24 hours. 

The recommended duration of the course is 7 weeks, but we all get busy from time to time. You can structure the course based on your convenience. Just make a schedule before you start the program to always be on track.

Howard Berg has created Speed Reading Genius, which is a collection of all the techniques and methods he has used and perfected over the last 35 years.
This is an all rounded program that will help any reader to get up and running in no time, and as we mentioned earlier results are guaranteed.
All techniques and methods have been tested and refined over the years by receiving detailed feedback from our students. We keep updating the course and making changes as new techniques are discovered. You are assured of getting the latest cutting edge material once you purchase the program.

We are so confident that Speed Reading Genius will work for you that we back it with a 30-day full refund of your investment if you are not satisfied for any reason.
Just get in touch with our support team, and they will process it for you immediately.

In both the professional and student edition, you will learn the same techniques, but the difference is in the activities you perform. Both the courses have different activity books, so the activities you perform in each edition are different. The activities in the professional edition are designed with professionals in mind.

Need help or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and someone from our support team will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Here's Everything You Will Get When You Enroll Today

  • Lifetime access to the 7 week Speed Reading Genius - Professional Edition program and all new updates that are released.
  • Access to the BergLearning community form where you can meet fellow genius learners.
  • Activity workbook that has over 142 Drills and exercises.
  • USB Pen Drive with all the course material, so you have a personal copy.
  • Completion certificate after you take the exam at the end of the course.
  • 4 FREE bonus videos teaching you crucial speedreading skills.
  • A FREE bonus activity book that is only included with the professional program.
  • Customer support for any questions or doubts that you may have during the course of your program.
  • Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase.
  • Support from the BergLearning community by advanced users who have taken the course in the past.
  • Lifetime access to the BergLearning facebook community.
  • Total bonus value of $697 FREE (videos + activity book)

Only Digital Access

Get unlimited access to the entire program for all devices: Windows, iOs, Android, Desktop and Tablet



Limited-time offer

Digital Access + USB Drive + Completion Certificate ​

Get unlimited access to the entire program for all devices: Windows, iOs, Android, Desktop and Tablet + Entire course on a USB Drive shipped to you + Completion Certificate after you take the exam at the end of the program.



Limited-time offer

For your security, all orders are processed on a
secured server. 256 bit SSL encryption.

Limited Time OFFER !!! 

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